The Girl Who Missed Her Prom


The Girl Who Missed Her Prom
Alex Hinders, 2016.
Colored pencil and pen.

I actually finished this drawing early in January, 2016. I was really distraught over how some of the blending went, however, and decided that the drawing was basically¬†unsalvageable. So I set it aside. Eight months later I looked at it again and I’m surprised by how I had written this drawing off. I’ve mentioned before on this blog that sometimes I occasionally have some problems with perfectionism — or maybe I haven’t? I’ve been doing this site for so long I’m starting to forget. But this is a perfect illustration of what I mean when I’m over-focusing on details.

First off, let’s play a game. Check out the drawing above and try to find the part that I was dis-satisfied with. Can you do it? I’ll give you a hint: It appears in the following area of the drawing.


Did you find it? I’ll circle it for you.


Looking at it now, it’s not such a big deal. I’m still not terribly pleased with how this portion turned out, blending-wise, but I don’t think it drags the overall drawing down. I’m still really pleased with the texture of the girl’s hair and the overall feel of the drawing. But sometimes, it’s like I can’t tell my eyes to zoom-out and I’m looking at something minor magnified beyond what it should be. Like this:PromGirlMagnified3

There’s an idiom about forests, and trees, and seeing all the wrong stuff. I forget how it goes, though.

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