My art got into another Exhibit!

Good news!

I’ve got two pieces of artwork that are going to be on display (and sale!) at the Rokoko Art Gallery in Las Cruces, New Mexico. It’s a part of their ‘Spring, Sprang, Sprung’ show, which opens on Saturday April 5th. There will be an opening reception with the artists, artwork, music, and food from 4 to 6 PM that evening; the exhibit itself lasts until May 4th, 2014. If you’re in the area you should drop by!



New Gallery Exhibit!

Three of my drawings will be both on display and for sale at an up-coming exhibit at the Chait Downtown Galleries in Iowa City. The Exhibit is called “Benjamin’s Buttons”, and it focuses on issues that ‘push your buttons’ and have helped to make the artist who they are. Each drawing is also accompanied by a tweet that helps explain the picture — I wrote micro-poetry for mine. The Gallery opening is on February 14th, 2014, from 5 to 8 PM at the Chait Galleries, and the exhibit goes until March 15th.

My drawings that got selected to be a part of the exhibit are The Only Place That’s Safe, The Passage of Time, and Dancing Man. I might put the micro-poems that were inspired by the drawings up after the exhibit ends — for now, you’ll have to go and see them in person. : )


BenjaminsButtons (This image is made and owned by the Chait Galleries Downtown.)

Exciting news

Two of my drawings — Red Forest and Moving On — will be in the Small Works Show at the Chait Galleries in Iowa City. You’ll be able to see them on display from November 8th, 2013 to January 6th 2014. This is the first time any of my drawings have found their way into an art gallery and the first time any of my art will be for sale professionally. This is a very exciting milestone indeed!

Also, I’d like to announce that I’m working on a Cafepress online store will feature my artwork on T-shirts, posters, journals, and other lovely little knick-knacks. I aim to launch the Magical Hamster Gift Shop before the end of November and I’m about half-way through with initial preparations. is also hurtling towards its second anniversary. It’s been a pretty good year and the next one is already shaping up pretty nicely.




Work in Progress

I thought I’d share this with you all, my hypothetical readers. This is a special drawing on a piece of paper that’s 24′ x 20′ — this is much bigger than my usual drawings, which are just on generic computer paper. I was wondering if I had more room if it would provide the opportunity for more complicated images and so far I’m not disappointed. I also thought this image would be demonstrative of my ‘process’, in that you can still see all of the random lines, as well as the main image I highlighted with pen.

It took me three hours to draw, interpret, and highlight this image. The drawing just involved me putting down lines that felt right — and I might say, it felt nice to be able to make bigger sweeping lines. I’d like to get a piece of paper that’s like six foot by four foot. Oh man, that would be awesome. But I’m distracting myself! It took the bulk of my time to interpret this image, though. The big complicating factor here is that the mess of sprawling can be viewed in four different ways, which essentially gives you four different images. I have to decide which of the ways has the most promising or most distinct image and then highlight that.

Which also means that  for every image I make, there’s three that don’t get made. I know that with all of my high-tech gadgetry I could probably scan an image before I ‘interpret’ it, and then ‘interpret’ it in the four different ways — or even more, if I wanted to. But the thing is, it takes a certain kind of self-assuredness to do art, and dwelling on everything it could be and trying to cover all of the bases feels like the artistic equivalent of hanging on “Might have beens” and “maybes”. A person can become paralyzed if they become too obsessed with looking at all of their options. I guess you could say I see every individual mass of random lines as one “life”, and just as I do with the life I’ve been giving, I try to make the best of what I’ve given. Giving one sea of lines four lives is overkill when you think about how long and powerful just one can be.

As for the images I didn’t draw in this one, it probably would’ve looked mostly similar any which way I approached the drawing. There were all of these faces in the lines regardless of which way you classified ‘up’ and ‘down’ — and I’m pretty certain they were supposed to represent me. One direction had a weak image of me lying on my bed with my legs leaning against each other at the knee and coming at the viewer; another had two people with out stretched hands that fused into each other. Both of these weak images had random faces behind them. I decided I liked this one the best because the idea of one mane of flowing hair connecting to two or more people was an interesting one to me.



If you’ve noticed any downtime for this site, I’m very sorry. I had to move some things around behind the scenes. If you haven’t noticed any downtime then I deny it ever happened.

It Begins!

Welcome to the blog!

 The main purpose of this blog is to showcase my abstract art, and to a lesser extent, my art in general. Besides doing abstract art I’m also into cartooning and am working on a graphic novel series at the moment. I also do some writing – short stories and poetry, mostly. I don’t think I’ll put any of my writings up but this is subject to change without notice.  Who knows? Perhaps, from time to time, I’ll even write about things in a more traditional blog-like fashion.

 Now the words ‘abstract art’ are loaded with pre-conceived notions and judgments. When a lot of people try to picture abstract art they just see glops of color thrown about here and there or deformed people with three noses and four ears. Some people will think to themselves, “Gee, this doesn’t mean anything, and the artist is just full of themselves.” Some people will even say that out loud and possibly in an even ruder fashion. Well, I can only say so much about abstract art as a whole; I’d rather talk about my own at the moment.

My abstract art has a dreamy and surreal feeling to it. It starts with me focusing my thoughts onto a certain feeling, topic, or event, and drawing random lines while thinking about the chosen subject. After I feel the time has sufficiently passed I look at the mess of random lines – and I think there’s something wonderful about the random lines on their own – and I start to interpret it. A distinct image emerges in my mind from within the lines. I suppose if you wanted to get technical and scientific about it you could call it visual matrixing aided by conscious and unconscious thinking. The end of it, though, is that I don’t know what exactly it is I’m going to draw until after I’ve drawn it.

 I intend to update this blog once a week; Mostly during the weekends. I hope you come back every week to see what there is to see and I hope some of my art resonates with you.

 –Alex Hinders