A Night of Clarity, Pt. IX

The dreaming man has now become the hitch-hiker. A sympathetic trucker pulls over and gives him a lift. Still upset over what transpired out in the woods, the dreaming man proceeds to vent his frustrations to the truck driver. The truck driver has also had some relationship problems in the past and is happy to commiserate — until the end, when he’s had enough of the dreaming man’s complaints.


A Night of Clarity, Pt. V

A Night of Clarity, Pt. V
Alex Hinders, 2014.
Colored pencils and pen.

At this point in the story the man groggily wakes up and realizes he’s kind of horny. He asks his wife if she wants to have sex, but she doesn’t, so the man falls asleep frustrated. This prompts him to have a sexual dream involving the Hitchhiker Woman from his previous dreams. The Hitchhiker Woman, being a fantasy, is more than willing to help the man find relief. After a rollicking roll in the hay the man wakes up, confused, and his wife tells him he was having a nightmare. However, the man realizes he’s still in a dream as he watches his wife eat a sandwich with a puppy in it.


A Night of Clarity, Pt. IV

A Night of Clarity, Pt. IV
Alex Hinders, 2014
Colored pencil and pen.


In the fourth song the dreaming man finally gets to have sex with hitch-hiker that represents everything he lusts after. This moment of ecstasy is quickly corrupted by the man’s sense of self-doubt and fear of rejection and the dream starts to go into a completely different direction. The hitch-hiker, who moments ago was content to be his lover, gets up and walks out on him and ignores all of his pleas for her to stay with him. The man grapples with shock and anger before giving in to a state of despair.

A Night of Clarity, Pt. III


A Night of Clarity, Pt. III
Alex Hinders, 2014.
Colored pencil and pen.

The “A Night of Clarity” drawings are inspired by the Roger Waters’ album “The Pros and Cons of Hitch-hiking.”

After dreaming of being threatened by Arabs with Knives, the Man realizes he’s dreaming, and almost wakes up. But soon he can see west-German skies on the ceiling of the bedroom and he once more slips into dreaming. He’s reunited with the hitch-hiker woman, and they wine, dine, and then head back to their hotel room.


A Night of Clarity, Pt. II

Here’s the second part of “A Night of Clarity”. It’s inspired by the song “(4:33 AM)Running Shoes” by Rogers Waters, from his album The Pros and Cons of Hitchhiking. If you’ve never heard the original song you should obtain a legal copy of the album and give it a listen. Besides being awesome. it will also help put these images into context.

During this part of the narrative the dreaming man’s lust for the Hitchhiker grows out of control and consumes him — he’s burning with passion. He then experiences one of those moments where you think the dream is over, but isn’t, and sees a group middle Eastern assailants standing in the room. Things get out of control and he dreams that his wife is aware of the dreams about the hitch-hiker. Rather than attack the man, the would be assailants laugh at him, and his wife scolds him.


A Night of Clarity, Pt. I


Back in January of this year I was listening to Roger Waters’ album The Pros and Cons of Hitchhiking and I realized I could do some vivid illustrations for the song. I figured that I could even plot out the number of drawings I’d need, and what they’d entail, in much the same way as I write a comic script. I even broke it down into seconds, so the drawings would line up with the music. I have a proto-type of a YouTube video that syncs up the drawings and the audio track but I’d like to tweak it some more before I make that public. I am, however, ready to start sharing some of the artwork itself.

I’ve probably said it before on this site, but Roger Waters’ music resonates with me on a deeply personal level and he’s a big artistic hero of mine. I’m aware that some people — especially David Gilmour fans — find his solo efforts to be sparse in the musical department, but his overall use of atmosphere and narrative in addition to music stimulates my brain like crazy. I’m a story teller at heart, regardless of what medium I’m currently working in, and I’m amazed by Roger’s ability to make a sweeping and epic story into one body of music. It’s one of those times where I lament that the relative and subjective nature of reality; I wish I could share with you exactly the joy I experience from the music. I can’t do that, of course, but hopefully you’ll be able to see my love reflected in these drawings.

This particular album — the Pros and Cons of Hitchhiking — tells the story of a man unsure whether he’s happy in his marriage. Over the course of a few hours early one morning he has a series of dreams about him picking up a female hitchhiker and running away with her. Through the course of this dream affair this person’s insecurities and desires are laid bare to the listener, and the main character ultimately comes to a conclusion about his life. I’ve always been endlessly fascinated by dreams, and I love the intimate exploration of dreams that this album details.

I’m considering collecting these drawings and adding original captions and making a book out of it. I’m pretty certain I could find a wily way to skirt copyright laws with. But! Without further ado:
A Night of Clarity: Part 1.