The Third Annual Magical Hamster Calendar is here!

2016coverYou probably got a lot of cool calendars for Christmas…But if you hang this up, everyone will know what a classy and cultured person you are! They’ll be like, “(Your name), I never knew you had an interest in the arts!” Just tell them it’s from an emerging abstract artist and BAM! Suddenly people will think you’re intellectual! (It’ll cement your status if they already think that of you.)

The artwork featured within is an eclectic mix of my work from the last five years — and includes an old favorite from 2008! Such variety! Just click on that big and lovely image to go to the store page.

The Magical Hamster Gift Shop is now online!


I mentioned I was working on a Cafepress store for my artwork and I’m happy to announce it’s online and functional! (You wouldn’t believe how much work it took to put together!)  You can click here to visit the store, but I’d also like you to note that the store now has it’s own page, right underneath the main banner on the main menu.

The store includes:
Clothing — Women’s (Plus size and juniors), Men’s, and Kid’s sizes
Small and Large Posters
Key Chains
2014 Calendars
Smartphone and Table Covers
…And a section entitled “Strange Stuff.”

One of the products I’m the  most excited about are my 2014 Calendars. You can get the “Magical Hamster 2014” edition, which has 12 familiar drawings to compliment the seasons, or “The Heroine Sequence”, which has 12 out of the 14 Heroine drawings in it.


If you enjoy my art and would like a little memento, please check out my store. It should have a little bit of something for everybody.