A Night of Clarity, Pt. IX

The dreaming man has now become the hitch-hiker. A sympathetic trucker pulls over and gives him a lift. Still upset over what transpired out in the woods, the dreaming man proceeds to vent his frustrations to the truck driver. The truck driver has also had some relationship problems in the past and is happy to commiserate — until the end, when he’s had enough of the dreaming man’s complaints.


The Catty Tales of Mr. Weaver # 1 is OUT!


It’s here! Yes, finally! I’ve mentioned that I’m working on a comic series but I’ve been unable to show hardly any of it — after all, why buy something if you’ve already seen/read it all? So at times I feel like people might have doubted that this comic actually existed. But friends — it is true. And it is here.

Buy the Kindle Version here!

Buy the DELUXE Kindle version here! (Comes with 10 extra pages of behind the scenes stuff!)

A print on demand version is on it’s way!

Not in the US? That’s okay! It’s on most international versions of Amazon Marketplace!

What is this story about, you may ask? Well, the wise woman who wrote the Amazon description summarized it thusly:

Did you know there is a secret society of power-hungry cats? No? Well, it is rather secretive. These cats have an ancient prophecy that says one day a man will arrive and lead them onto a glorious revolution! The only problem, however, is that the prophecy seems to point towards a dorky computer teacher — Mr. Weaver — who isn’t even qualified to lead a dodge ball team! This unsuspecting man’s life is about to get CAT-apulted into madness! And who knows? The whole world may soon follow!

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I would’ve posted this sooner, but you wouldn’t believe the burn-out I’ve experienced after all of the energy it took to finish and publish it! In fact, that might be a topic worth an entire post — but not right now. No, this is a post of celebration.


Announcement: The Catty Tales of Mr. Weaver

I’ve mentioned before that I’ve been working on a graphic novel, but I haven’t wanted to talk about it too much until things were farther along. I think it’s time we talk about it now, though. I started the project in my space time back in 2011 and the project has been delayed by all sorts of mundane things — work, depression, moving, and what have you. But the script has gone through two drafts and is now being drawn and colored. The graphic novel was originally around 110 pages in total but I’m going to split it into three issues of 30-some pages each.

The comic’s name is The Catty Tales of Mr. Weaver. In this story, a secret organization of cats have a prophecy that one day a human will come along that will lead the cats on a revolution to glory. The prophecy points to a young man who is just starting his new job as a high school computer teacher — a man who probably couldn’t lead a dodge ball team to glory. This person, of course, is Mr. Bucky Weaver, who suddenly finds his life consumed in absurdity.

The series mostly focuses on a team of cats that part of a task force to help Mr. Weaver complete his revolution. I consider the story to be an absurdist drama, which means that there should be plenty of laughter and excitement.

Here’s a picture of the first 15 pages of the comic in pencil: 17pages

But that’s not the most exciting of previews, is it? It’s kind of small and hard to read. So how about I show you the first five pages? Just keep in mind that these are still in development and will undergo more refinement before the comic is published. The final product may differ from what you’re about to see. Ready?


Whew! There we go. I’m aiming to digitally publish the first issue online by the end of the year. ‘Til then, stay tuned!