The Fairy Sequence, Part I


The Fairy Sequence, Part I
Alex Hinders, 2013.
Colored pencils and pen.

The Fairy lives in a small kingdom where she helps the locals with her charms and enchantments — as well as disenchanting objects that might have acquired a curse. She left her native forest when she was young, and growing up in the presence of humans caused her to grow to be human sized herself.

One day she sensed an intense and powerful curse off in the countryside so she flew off to investigate. A large figure made out of stone and wearing ornate armor was stomping through the forest and making extra effort to find houses and cabins — which he would crush with gleeful abandon. This was obviously the source of the curse The Fairy had sensed.

While the monster was wild, it did seem to be intelligent, so The Fairy decided to try talking to it. The monster declared that it was the “Voodoo King”, although it didn’t practice that kind of magic, and he claimed that he owned all of the world save for the swamp lands. He didn’t like swamps, so he would follow local property laws regarding them.

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