Puzzle Game


Puzzle Game
Alex Hinders, 2013/2014.
Colored pencil and pen.

This is one of a series of drawings I sketched out while on my initial visit to New Mexico — the one where I had to decide whether or not I wanted to move to this new location. While I was visiting I held a critical eye to the world around me, appraising everything, and wondering, is this where I want to be? Apparently my unconscious mind saw how much I was thinking about this decision and spit out this image that looks like a simple puzzle game from the mid 90’s. I enjoyed the concept of puzzle games — like Tetris, Dr. Mario, Bust-a-Move, Panel de Pon/Tetris Attack, and the like, though I was never terribly good at them. I guess I do a bit better at the puzzle game that is Real Life.

On a side note, the puzzle the game depicted in this drawing looks like some sort of diagonal variant of Yoshi’s Cookie, except with an extra mechanic that lets you keep certain shapes. Or maybe every few seconds the computer gives you another shape in your inventory box and you have to line it up somehow? Shoot. I just can’t figure out how that game would play!

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