The Fairy Sequence, Pt. V


The Fairy Sequence, Pt. V
Alex Hinders, 2013/2014.
Colored pencil and pen.

(I started posting the Fairy Sequence during the summer of 2013, but found that I just couldn’t muster up the enthusiasm to finish coloring them back then. I seem to have found the energy I was lacking back then, so I’ve resumed work on it. It’s an eight part series of drawings, and if you’ve forgotten the plot, feel free to refresh yourself: The Fairy Sequence..)

The Fairy used a concealment spell to fly into the Warlock’s manor undetected. Deep inside a dusty room the Warlock had surrounded himself with vials and old parchments lined with mystic writings. After observing the Warlock for a short time, the Fairy realized the nature of his current scheme: He was going to use the transformation on the potion on the Wizard. This would turn the Wizard into a powerful and berserk monster who would go on a rampage, and when spell wore off it would be revealed that the Wizard had been the cause of the destruction. The Warlock was going to destroy the Wizard’s reputation.

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